Avast VPN Just for Torrenting

Known for their antivirus software program, Avast is now also providing a VPN service. Avast SecureLine is normally an easy-to-use VPN program that allows users to browse the net privately and securely.

It is Fast Server Speeds Help to make it a perfect Torrenting VPN

When it comes to torrenting, you want a trustworthy connection that can deal with all of your for downloading. Luckily, Avast SecureLine incorporates a good collection of servers. These are fast enough to allow you to stream US Netflix and UK’s BBC iPlayer without any concerns.

Avast Does a Great Job Encrypting Traffic

Avast SecureLine uses IPSec and OpenVPN with AES 256-bit encryption ciphers, which are the standard in VPN security today. Its network has 148 high-performance hosts spread across 94 countries.

It Supports P2P File Sharing and Torrenting

Avast VPN supports P2P file sharing and torrenting, with 8 dedicated P2P-optimized web servers. These hosting space allow you to get connected to other Avast users to share and download data, which is a fine feature.

Nevertheless , Avast’s interconnection logs aren’t as privacy-friendly as you might believe. The software gathers timestamps and the amount of data transferred from every single user just for up scuf controllers to buy for ps4 to thirty-five days. This info could be utilized to identify you if you use bittorrent.

If you’re looking for a safe and VPN in order to use together with your torrenting actions, there are better options in existence. You’ll obtain much faster rates of speed and better privacy with a genuinely logless carrier like Non-public Internet Access instead.

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